Jason Nosworthy

fine art

With my formal training as a landscape designer, I have now bridged the gap to visual art. I have been fascinated by the subject for the last twenty-two years, and I find working in the landscape and also recording the many layers that it has to offer, a challenge and a privilige.

My working method is to deconstruct what is real and viewed, leading to a reduction of elements, towards abstraction.

The use of screens, veils and framing devices in the foreground creates a feeling of depth in my work, by pushing back the picture plane, and also as a result of doing this, an air of ambiguity and mystery has been realised.

I have found the body of work of the abstract expressionists, very inspiring. The catalyst, to the groups beginning was Hans Hoffman, he used a technique called, 'Push and Pull', whereby he used blocks of colours of differing hues to alter the perspective in his work. Robert Rauschenberg, incorporated a lot of montage and transfer printmaking and of course Jackson Pollock, with his action painting, who in turn inspired Helen Frakenthaler, who pioneered her stain technique.

The inclusion of trees in many of my paintings is loosely reminiscent and influenced by the abstract expressionist Franz Kline. 18th Century artists John Constable, Thomas Gainsborough and landscape designer Lancelot 'Capabilty' Brown, are an earlier example, they all worked in the English landscape tradition, using trees as an imagined or living frame to create high art.Trees are also used in my work as a framing tool and to provide structure throughout a painting.

Texture is also very important, I feel that it is only by the contrast of differing surfaces that interesting effects are created giving the image more substance and a sculptural realisation.

Jason Nosworthy (BA hons) Landscape Design

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